Our first season - 1998

24 januari, 1998 - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

Welcome to our first concert of the CONCERTEN Tot en Met - formerly known as CONCERTEN I t/m IV - composers' collective. more...
7 maart, 1998 - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

As the deadline approacheth, pieces are dropped... how sad! We do without Kokon, and in all probability without the Saxophone Pieces. (Dante has had something of a nervous breakdown...) Furthermore, Cynthie's Ambitious New Piece for Big Ensemble has turned itself into a song cycle (on texts by Rozalie), I don't know how long. Also, I will ask Daniel Rowland whether he'd like to play a set of pieces of Ric Sims', but let's not count on that.
25 maart, 1998 - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

Programma [According to Ruth we should not forget to include the date]
2 mei, 1998 - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

The Williams and the Estedes are yet very uncertain, and in fact the same is true in a lesser degree I think of the Stalenhoef and the Noordegraaf as they have to pay their money yet. Ofer Ben-Amots is another guest star, it was suggested by Ruth and Ned that this piece of his be played, and I thought 'Well, why not?'. So you can mention Nez, Doolittle, Zegers, Stewart and Ben-Amots. If too much of the program gets dumped I'll see if I can write a quickie for piano to play myself.
12 juni, 1998 - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

Now mind - the poem I have set actually uses these weird extra spaces between the words, so that should be preserved in the print. I still need to get Dario's and Angela's biographies, but if they arrive too late for you then it's too bad for them but we will do without them. Incidentally, we have once piece of electronic music, I put it at the start of the program. Would you be available to set up the electronics on Friday afternoon? (we cannot, however, do a soundcheck because we must be silent until six, but we can set the things up. After six, we might do a teeny bit of soundcheck, but it has to gnaw at Kristoffer's and Rocco's rehearsals)

Our second season - 1998/1999

24 oktober, 1998 - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

These four musicians just met 3 weeks ago especially for this concert. As we did not have much time to develop a real group fusion, we decided to play several pieces exploring different improvisational techniques. So you will hear some pieces made of free improvisation, some build according to the structure of a text, some using predefinite material, and finally a piece with a written form containing improvisation directives composed by Christophe Meierhans. more...
29 november, 1998 - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

On Sept. 23, 24, or 26 (to be confirmed), Canadian mezzo-soprano Patricia Green will sing the opening concert of the Posthoornkerk series, accompanied by Ruth Rose on the piano. You all can write something new for her if you like (or send her something you've already written). She's a mezzo-soprano, but has a huge range, so really can sing almost anything.
13 maart, 1999 - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

Dear everybody - Please send all information by snail-mail (with the form) to Arnoud or by e-mail to me. I'm sorry, Cleo, I wasn't able to read mail yet. Now I'm logged in to my neighbour's computer. › 1. Cleo Palacio-Quintin & Riccardo Massari - (flute & turntables) 2. Bram Vreven - (electric guitar & electronics & soundinstallation) 3. NedMcGowan & Thomas Wildner - (flute & painting) 4. Andrew Stewart & Malle Sijmen Kwartet - Breathe (recorder quartet & electronics) 5. Rozalie Hirs & Simone De Jong & Onno van Dodewaard - Aquarium (poetry & sound & mime & video) › BREAK › 6. Stevko Busch & Iris Hoppe - (piano & sampling & video) 7. Erik Stalenhoeff & Cesar Villavicencio - Yibaki (live electronics & CB flute) 8. Cleo Palacio-Quintin & Christophe Meierhans & Koen Nutters & Vicky Derks - Suis-je une vitesse... (flute & electric guitar & double bass & dance) 9. Chris Heyens & Nicky Quadt - Trance Resistance ('the box'& image) › N.B. One participant in 6. has changed. Information in 8. is added. › Love, Rozalie
24 april, 1999 - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

Hello Everyone, Have just been talking to Idske Bakker from Insomnio. We are going to meet on the 28th of November when I will show her some of our (hopefully) interesting scores for chamber ensemble. She says it might be difficult to get the players to play for nothing, but if the scores are "nice" this might help our chances of securing their participation in a concert. They can't do January but might well be able to do a date in April. At this stage it is going to have to be only finished pieces that will be considered for performance, and if they do play they might select the pieces themselves. I'm not entirely sure about what the instrumentation is, I think they can get their hands on extra players if needed. However, generally speaking its woodwind, single strings, piano, percussion, HARP (Idske is the harpist so pieces with harp might catch her eye), guitar and mandolin. I'm not sure about the brass situation, but anyone who puts more than one brass instrument in such a chamber ensemble piece is probably mad anyway.........Please contact me IMMEDIATELY and give me suitable scores (perhaps tapes might be useful as well). This could be a really good opportunity for us and I think we should take advantage.more...
22 mei, 1999 - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

THIS IS A PROGRESS REPORT FOR CONCERT X (THE MAY 22) FOR KINDER MUSICI. I would like to hear from all interested composers IMMEDIATELY. Please send me mail; including those folks who attended the last meeting at Emily's house, 08/11/98. A decision about this concert must be made IMMEDIATELY so that I can contact the necessary children's ensembles. As you might guess, children will probably require more time to learn new music. I would like to have a meeting at my house in Den Haag on Sunday, 15 November at 12.00. Please contact me if you are interested but can not make this meeting time. I live a five minute walk from Den Haag Holland Spoor. WHAT BETTER TO DO THAN VISIT THE PEACEFUL AND BEAUTIFUL
11 juni, 1999 - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

Concert XI Combinatorial Biographical Network
Doing ART music proud. more...

Our third season - 1999/2000

11 december, 1999 - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

Graft , tape
22 januari , 2000 - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

19 februari, 2000 - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

The Amsterdams Kwintet consists of five young musicians who met at the Sweelinck Conservatorium in Amsterdam. This unusual ensemble, founded in 1994, is specialised in contemporary music and has performed in every venue of importance for this music in Holland....more...
11 maart, 2000 - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

Daniel Rowland - viool
Bernd Brackman - piano
Alfrun Schmid - sopraan
22 april, 2000 - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

Malle Symen Kwartet
     Het kwartet
Raphaela: "Wij zijn in 1994 begonnen aan het Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Wat ons uit.....
     De naam
Cathelijne: "Ons kwartet bestond al een half jaar voordat het eindelijk "Malle Symen Quartet" werd gedoopt. Het is de naam van.....
     De muziek
Katja: "Ons repertoire reikt van middeleeuws tot hedendaags, van Zuid-Spanje tot Noord-Engeland en.....
     Het instrumentarium
Ina:"Als je pianist bent, heb je meestal »»n of twee vleugels in je beroepspraktijk. Bij blokfluitisten ligt dat......
13 mei, 2000 - Uilenburger Synagoge, Amsterdam

Zephyr String Quartet
Cynthie van Eijden Twee Delen voor Strijkkwartet (2000)
Rocco Havelaar Strijkkwartet no. 2 (1999-2000)
Martijn Voorvelt 4/4 (1999)
Richard Sims Bubble Chamber (2000)
17 augustus, 2000 - Felix Meritis, Amsterdam

Organised by the GrachtenFestival and Concerten I t/m IV
programme: - Cleo Palacio-Quintin: Dansar en StjĒrna av sin Blick (Cleo: solo flute) - Martijn Voorvelt: Halcyones (Cleo: flute. Jelma van Amersfoort: guitar) - Cleo Palacio-Quintin: Sousmarin (Cleo: flute and live-electronics) - Martijn Voorvelt: Blumen aus Holland (Jelma van Amersfoort: guitar) - Marco Blaauw: trumpet-improvisation - Ned McGowan: Melting Igloos (Mike Schmidt: flute. Marco Blaauw: trumpet. Ann Raskin: accordeon. Mark Haanstra: double bass. Ned McGowan: conductor) ------------ I am actually in England working on a nice live-electronic project. Have a look to our Web Site

Our fourth season - 2001

8 januari, 2001 - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

Het Zephyr Kwartet, bestaande uit Lydia Forbes, Anne McMichael, Elisabeth Smalt en John Addison, is een jong strijkkwartet dat zich toelegt op 20e eeuws en hedendaagse repertoire. Zij verzorgden veel premieres van Nederlandse en internationale componisten, onder andere in de Gaudeamus Muziekweek en in Concerten Tot en Met, en brachten een CD uit met de strijkkwartetten van Willem Jeths. In het seizoen 2001/2002 spelen zij een eigen kwartet-serie in Felix Meritis. more...
25 februari, 2001 - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

'The Great Virtuoso Slugfest'
Carl Rosman (clarinet), Mark Knoop (piano) and Helen Bledsoe (flute) playing works of Brian Ferneyhough, Richard Barrett, Michael Finnissy, Benjamin Marks, Samuel Vriezen, Mark Applebaum and Joseph Klein. Join our Ferneyhough Contest and win 'Dialektiek der Aufklaerung' by Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno and Max Horkheimer! more...
11 maart, 2001 - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

A recital by pianist Dante Oei. Oei, a pianist and composer specializing in new music and a member of the band The Scene, is going to play a program of works by two American masters, Feldman and Cage, and two young Dutch composers, Toon Vandevorst and Samuel Vriezen. more...
24 maart, 2001 - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

Tera de Marez Oyens Prijs
Lydia Forbes (violin) and Danny Tunick (percussion) are playing their program which won the Tera de Marez Oyens prijs, which is given yearly to a program featuring works by Tera de Marez Oyens and a work by a promising Dutch composer to be commissioned by the Foundation Tera de Marez Oyens: Rocco Havelaar's 'Sonate voor Viool en Slagwerk'. The program also features new and recent works by Jeff Hamburg, Dante Oei, Toon Vandevorst, Stefan Scher, Mark Gibbons, Adam Silverman and Juliet Palmer. more...
29 april, 2001 - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

A highly diverse programme performed by Concerten Tot en Met most popular musicians! The programme features new pieces such as Mark Williams' energetic piano trio, 'Grands Pli»s', works by Belgian composers, works by famous Old Masters Berg and Denisov, and older pieces by Concerten Tot en Met composers Ned McGowan and Martijn Voorvelt, whose acclaimed dramatic piece 'Raging, Building' has become one of the series' favorite classics, now performed for the third time on our concerts. more...
27 mei, 2001 - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

Aros was formed in 1998 to make music for a dance piece and continued as a band for theatre and film projects. The players are from classical and jazz backgrounds which is reflected in their compositions and improvisations. Influenced by modern composers and improvisers, Aros tries to blend improvising with composed music. For this concert the group will be augmented by the American cellist and experimental music performer Alex Waterman and the scotch percussionist Alan (Gunga) Purves. Aros has a cd out on bvHaast that will be presented at the BIM-huis on June 9. more...
3 juni, 2001 - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

The virtuoso Trio Fibonacci is a Montr»al-based ensemble specializing in contemporary music. They have impressed international audiences at many ventures including the Huddersfield festival. Concerten Tot en Met has invited them to play some of their repertoire as well as a new piece by Martijn Voorvelt, '3/3', the sequel to the 'unhinged' string quartet, '4/4', which was premiered at Concerten Tot en Met for a highly enthusiastic audience. Montr»al composer Serge Provost wrote his 'La pietra che canta' for the Trio Fibonacci with live electronics based on his experience of the atmosphere at the tomb of Monteverdi. About Mikado, Guus Janssen writes: "Unlike a classical piano trio, where the piano has the most prominent part, Mikado is a duo for violin and cello with piano accompaniment. The piece is in six parts, all of which relate to the basic material of major thirds and an open string".

Our fifth season - 2001/2002

21 oktober, 2001 - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

...............because of unexpected but urgent personal circumstances John Addison, who was to play cello on our sunday concert 'De Zwarte Muze', will not play. This means that the piano trio pieces by Samuel Vriezen and Toon Vandevorst and the solo cello work by Stanfield will be canceled; in their place works by Reich and Feldman will be performed.

'De Zwarte Muze' (The Black Muse) is the title of Toon Vandevorst's song cycle for singer and piano trio, elegiac and melodic and showing an effortless mastery of diverse styles. It will receive its premiere sung by the composer.
The other pieces include two frantic virtuoso solo works by Samuel Vriezen, 'Begin' ('95) for piano cramming six thousand notes in five minutes and a dazzling polyphonic new flute piece, 'Toccata II'. Also the premiere of his quirky little Skylger Piano Trio, inspired by the observation that no matter how many different sorts of birds you put together, it always sounds great.
Furthermore, Ric Sims exploring the metaphysics of airplane travel in his tape piece 'Airport', Steven Stanfield exploring fragmentation in his vocalised cello piece 'Splinter', Mark Gibbons exploring the cold in his extended piano piece 'glacial erratic', and Ned McGowan exploring his flute in the microtonal hit tune, 'Moonrise'. more...
2 december, 2001 - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

'Percussion Party' pieces for one or two percussionists. Long works by Rüdiger Meyer and Damien Ricketson. Performed by Claire Edwardes and Niels Meliefste. more...
16 december, 2001 - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

'Cheap Imitation' a.k.a. 'Loud and Clear'
There are many kinds of imitation, and only one of them is cheap. Dante Oei's programme features imitations of style (Sonatas by Stravinsky and Vandevorst), in nature (Sweelinck's Echo Fantasia) and famous age-old imitative techniques in Renske Vrolijk's 'Kokon'. Cage's 'Cheap Imitation' completely follows the structure of Satie's 'Socrate', but with different notes and only in one voice for fourty minutes. Xenakis' exuberant, catchy and extremely virtuosic 'Evryali', one of the strongest piano pieces of the late XXth, doesn't have much to do with imitation at all - it's just really cool! more...
27 januari, 2002 - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

Young Australian cello virtuoso Geoffrey Gartner will play a recital of classics with new cello music by young Dutch and Australian composers. Hear the soft and unexpected little sounds of Voorvelt's 'Who's pushing the pedals on the season cycle'! Hear what's happening in young composing Australia with the European premieres of Ricketson's 'Imagining le Verrier', Page's 'Extrema' and Shlomowitz's 'Tick'! Hear Ginastera's swinging Second Pumena! And hear what may irreverently be described as the granddaddy of all scratch-ploink avantgarde cello music, Lachenmann's legendary 'Pression', which is actually a powerful composition deftly combining extremes of noise with those of subtlety!more...
24 februari, 2002 - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

Among the late work of John Cage, his so-called 'Time-Bracket' pieces have a special position. In these pieces the coordination of the music is determined by stopwatch. Every player can play his given musical material freely within a given time-interval. Furthermore, these intervals are often flexible, which gives every performer the choice to play the material briefly or at length.
Concerten Tot en Met has asked a number of young composers to investigate the possibilities of the time-bracket for themselves. The pieces that result have a great variety, ranging from the gently metamorphosing sonic tableaux of Martijn Voorvelt's "Inside/Outside" through the collective nervosity of Vriezen's toccata, "The Weather Riots" and the poetic simplicity of Dante Oei's "3 x 1'" to the polyphonic layering of politically charged texts in Benedict Weisser's "Oogharmonie". more...
31 mars, 2002 - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

The omnivorous American ensemble Non Sequitur has since 1996 become one of the most exciting chamber music ensembles in new music, being equally at ease with difficult avant-garde works and with jazz or rock. At Concerten Tot en Met, they will present a concert of three premieres and two great older pieces by young composers.
Come and hear the premieres of Benedict Weisser's eight-minute history of jazz, 'A Secret', 'synesthesia 2: le sourire de l'»toile bleue' by Quebec-based experimental electroacoustics composer Cl»o Palacio-Quintin and Samuel Vriezen's mammoth work 'Seasons', and the Dutch premieres of Emily Doolittle's beautiful 'Weather Songs' and Pat Clarke's colourful 'Rhyming Shapes'!! more...
28 april, 2002 - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

Jubelpark is Gerben Bisschop and Bas Geerts. Working with found objects they have created their own unorthodox set-up of percussion instruments, for which they have devised their own particular style of controlled improvisation. Concerten Tot en Met has asked them to play their long work 'Maandag' ('Monday'), a brittle and beautiful work of long silences and softly struck and bowed metal.
'Maandag' is preceded by two compositions in so-called 'open form', in which the performers are given many freedoms (and responsibilities). In both works Jubelpark will be joined by a soloist: in Christian Wolff's legendary action-score 'For One, Two or Three People' Jubelpark will be joined by the pianist Samuel Vriezen, and in Margriet Hoenderdos' piece 'Mei 2001 - Ontwerp voor een Improvisatie' ('May 2001 - Design for an Improvisation') they will be joined by vocalist Kristina Fuchs, who will open this half of the programme with a very short early song by Morton Feldman. more...
12 mei, 2002 - Vondelkerk, Amsterdam

The Zephyr Quartet will play first performances of two pieces: the extremely fast licks and vamps of Benedict Weisser's 'Waiting', and Ruediger Meyer's 'Newsmusic' for quartet and television has the group play a musical celebration of the many different accents of English you can hear in news broadcasts. The funny but disturbing theatrical piece '4/4' by Martijn Voorvelt, in which four 'damaged individuals' attempt to play together, was highly praised by Per Norgard for its uncompromising radicalness and selected for the ISCM World Music Days at Hong Kong this year. Rocco Havelaar poetic 'Atemzuege eines Sommertags' is a beautiful and austere work of high craftsmanship. In Gijsbrecht Roy»'s string quartet a rich sound-world of complex harmonies, tunings and rhythms emerge from marginal sounds and unconventional bow techniques. more...
16 juni, 2002 - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

John Cage's austere poetry and the sentimental work of Schubert may at first glance not seem to have much in common, but both are composers who use simple musical means to establish a powerful atmosphere that they can maintain over a long timespan. The same might be said about the refined richnes in 'So Ri II' by Seung-Ah Oh, who currently studies with Louis Andriessen. The concert also features the premieres of Vriezen's catchy sketch, 'Skylger Trio' and Vandevorst's lyrical 'De Zwarte Muze' (sung by the composer himself!) and work by the Roman modernist couple, Barbara Magnoni and David Macculi. more...

Our sixth season - 2002/2003

5 september, 2002 - Het Bethanienklooste, Amsterdam

Op vijf september zal het negentig jaar geleden zijn dat de Amerikaanse componist John Cage werd geboren. Daarom speelt de virtuoze pianist Dante Oei op die dag een recital dat een gevarieerd overzicht biedt van het complete pianooeuvre van Cage. Dit oeuvre bestrijkt een grote hoeveelheid stijlen, die alle aan bod zullen komen: van de vroegste expressionistische werken via de aandoenlijke Suite for Toy Piano tot het virtuoze avantgardisme van de Music of Changes en de meditatieve concentratie van het late werk. Ook de prepared piano zal aan bod komen, en beroemde theatrale werken als Water Music en het legendarische maar nooit gehoorde 4' 33''. Een grensoverschrijdend pianorecital, compleet met bakjes water, speelgoedpiano's, radio's en koken op het podium! more...
29 september, 2002 - Amstelkerk, Amsterdam
30 september, 2002 - Koniklijk Conservatorium, Den Haag
2 oktober, 2002 - Het Muziekcentrum, Den Bosch


Piano Possibile
Munich-based ensemble for contemporary music premieres of works by three Dutch and two German composers. Composer and poet Rozalie Hirs' new work, 'a-book-of-light' for ensemble and electronics, will be performed. In it, she uses advanced spectral techniques in combination with Hague-school robustness and her very own delicate sense for sound. Cynthie van Eijden, a pupil of Wolgang Rihm's, wrote with 'Hades' Spel' [Play of Hades] a rough concert piece for double bass and ensemble, which impressed audiences in an earlier performance by the Berliner Philharmoniker. Her newest work, 'Ornament' for trumpet, oboe and four strings will be performed as well. In Samuel Vriezen's 'Krise' three to twelve musicians again and again disbalance each other. The piece will be performed here as a septet. Finally, young German composers Carl-Christian Bettendorf and Tobias Schneid will introduce us to recent developments in German music. more...
9 december, 2002 - Het Bethanienklooster, Amsterdam


Michael Arnowitt is a piano virtuoso based in Vermont, praised for his virtuosity and the wide range of his musical talents which go from Byrd through Beethoven to Ives, jazz and contemporary music...From Vermont, a small rural state in the extreme northwest of the United States, comes a striking variety of compositional approaches and artistic interests, ranging from a combination of Bach and the futurist poetry of Khlebnikov in David Fuqua's "Once again, once again / I am for you / a star", through Larry Polansky's experimental take on medieval mensuration canons and the boogie-woogie in the work of Allen Shawn to the landscape of Vermont itself which was photographed and then systematically translated into music by Dennis Bathory-Kitsz.more...

     PS. Correction: Vermont is obviously not in the extreme northwest of the USA, where it is too cold to compose, but in the extreme northeast. The concert is still going to be great. That hasn't changed.
29 januari, 2003 - Het Bethanienklooster, Amsterdam


Dante Oei is a pianist who can make the most complex music transparent through his exact playing. Supposedly 'difficult' music really comes alive in his hands. Such a piece is the colourful Evryali by Iannis Xenakis, a dazzling toccata that is legendary for the technical demands it makes to the player.
The works of American experimental composer Christian Wolff have been beautifully described as 'dainty morsels'. Oei will present the first performance of his 'Pianist:Pieces' in memoriam Iannis Xenakis. 'Pianist:Pieces' is a collection of five short pieces full of eccentric musical ideas and strange twists.more...
6 februari, 2003 - Het Bethanienklooster, Amsterdam


     Carl Rosman and Mark Knoop are back in the Netherlands! In 2000 the Australian clarinettist and pianist made a big impression with the works of 'complexity' - composers such as Richard Barrett and Brian Ferneyhough. Now, they'll be joined by 'gun flutist' Kathleen Gallagher to play the Dutch premiere of 'What Remains', a piece originally written by Barrett for Het Trio. Barrett's music is known for its extreme explorations into the timbral possibility of instruments.
Furthermore, Rosman, Knoop and Gallagher will play works by related composers Finnissy, Dillon and Smetanin. By contrast the dry and clearly constructed work of Guus Janssen rounds the program off.more...
26 mei, 2003 - Het Bethanienklooster, Amsterdam


'Counting with Tom'
A portrait of Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson's music is distinguished by its simplicity and clarity, its rigorous construction and its playful humour. It is a music of systems and patterns, that always turn out to develop in a surprising way. This night we will play a few short symmetrical piece of music, some rational melodies, we will put eggs in baskets in many ways, we count in two voices, we maximize the efficiency of music and we will hear all chords that exist.

Our seventh season - 2003/2004

21 september, 2003 - Het Bethanienklooster, Amsterdam


Ensemble Offspring — guest starring Duo Vertigo
Offspring is the most promising young new music ensemble from Australia, consisting of soloists who have played to enthusiastic audiences at Concerten Tot en Met before. They now return with a program of works by very diverse young and established composers from diverse countries, virtuosic and playful, full of lyrical timbres and pithy like folk music.
2 oktober, 2003 - Het Bethanienklooster, Amsterdam


Concerten Tot en Met already has a six year history of introducing promising new composers from all around the world. The Amsterdam new music public has been dazzled by the very diverse styles represented by Tot en Met. In this concert, we are proud to present two lively composers who are already making a name for themselves, being counted by some to be among the most talented composers of our generation: Johannes Brahms and Ludwig van Beethoven.
     Finally, the music of Martijn Voorvelt needs no further introduction, having been played many times as part of Concerten Tot en Met. "3/3" is a piano trio in the venerable tradition of his famous "4/4": a coincidence of different solos, each with its own story.
21 oktober, 2003 - Het Bethanienklooster, Amsterdam


Tristan Murail (1947) is considered to be one of the most important French composers of his generation. After studying Arabic and Economics, Murail completed his composition studies with Messiaen. He is seen as one of the founders of 'spectralism', a technique in which harmony and form is derived from acoustic principles, leading to a music of luxurious harmony and colour, and in Murail's music in particular often to very flowing poetic forms and rich, imaginative textures.
     This program will be the Dutch debut of young New York based pianist Marilyn Nonken, who has gained herself a reputation as a champion of new music. 'Les Travaux et les Jours' has been written especially for her.more...
24 november, 2003 - Het Bethanienklooster, Amsterdam


The British/Belgian collective 'Plus-Minus' specialized in experimental and composed chamber music. In this program they will perform their version of Stockhausen's famous but seldomly heard Do-It-Yourself-score Plus-Minus, of which every ensemble must make its own version. Besides, the program features work of younger composers, varying from the explosive richnesses of sound of 'new complexity'-composer Richard Barrett to the simple sounding but quite out-of-joint music of Richard Ayres.more...
18 december, 2003 - Het Bethanienklooster, Amsterdam


Dante Oei returns with a happy program of crystal clear pieces by some of the most original minds of this moment. The program ranges from the subtle scrawls of Richard Ayres, through the bizarre idea of Barlow's 'Four Identical Pieces', a popular feast according to Cesa and the counting feast of Tom Johnson to the very new 'article 1 to 3' by composer/poet Rozalie Hirs, a celebration of loud chunky notes, crystaline harmony and impressionistic fireworks.more...

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