Commentary from the Webidtor

I am sure you are tired of looking at the same commentary, regarding marketing new music in Paris. So here is something new.

I have recently been asked to ‘cut out’ — ouch — a piece of one of my larger compositions in order so that it can fit into an allotted time slot. That is to say, the ‘powers that be’ want to shrink my Art so that it leaves room for other pieces in the concert.


It was suggested that by cutting out just a little bit, we could give the public little samples — little tasters — of my music. How can a composer be asked to do this. When I invite my friends out to a concert, or simply out to have a coffee, I don’t ask them to leave their leg behind; oh my dear John, don’t forget to leave your eyeball at home. You don’t need it today!!

I am sorry to say; but the musical journey is lost on those people who believe that playing little samples of a composition is a suitable substitute for hearing the complete work of Art. How can the listener be expected to make the musical journey when the music has holes in it?

Although many composers have tried to defy time with their Art; rarely are they successful. Time ultimately forces us to perceive events in a horizontal line. There are exceptions, and perhaps you could send me an EMAIL to tell me about your favorite time-defying composers.

So what am I going to do?

In my opinion, this dilemma is a symptom of something larger...

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