We're still reconstructing our site, but perhaps you could also link up
New Music & Creative Arts Ensemble Non Sequitur
there since we're going to play at Tot En Met in March. We'll also put up a link to your site. www.nonseq.org

........enter the world of canadian composer D. Andrew Stewart........apartment photos and open head wounds........fresh from Paris........bring your gym shorts. soundcon.chez.tiscali.fr

Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar: New Contemporary Music Radio Show Cybercasts Interviews Essays and Music www.kalvos.org

TryTone is a young musicians collective, record label and concert promoting agency from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. TryTone brings together young musicians who are searching for "New ways of Jazz" by organising festivals, concerts, workshops and by promoting a style which is unconventional, innovative and cross-over. Trytone Festival - www.trytone.org

The website of composer and poet Rozalie Hirs with audiofiles and poetry in English, French, German and Dutch. www.rozalie.com

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