- Amsterdams Kwintet -
Antje Lohse: mezzo-soprano
Raymond Honing: flute
Martine Sikkenk: mandolin
Rody van Gemert: guitar
Kirsten van de Hogen: harp

_____The Amsterdams Kwintet consists of five young musicians who met at the Sweelinck Conservatorium in Amsterdam. This unusual ensemble, founded in 1994, is specialised in contemporary music and has performed in every venue of importance for this music in Holland. In 1997 the Quintet won the first prize at the Willibrord Stichting chamber music competition and the third prize at the 'Altstad Herbst' international competition for contemporary chamber music in Dšsseldorf.the beginning of its existence, the Amsterdams Kwintet has sought collaboration with exceptional composers both Dutch and foreign. This has resulted in a repertoire that is unique in the world. The ensemble has performed at radio and television programs and at festivals in Gemany, Chechia and Finland. For the ensemble 1999 was a relatively inactive period, due to the international careers of several members. Now they are back, with German mezzo Antje Lohse replacing soprano Marijje van Stralen. [19/02/2000]

- Claire Edwardes and Niels Meliefste - percussion duo
_____Claire and Neils joined as a duo, when in October 2000, they were placed first and second respectively, in the Tromp Concours ( a percussion competition held in Eindhoven, The Netherlands). The two were already good friends, so the combination was obvious! _____Claire was born in 1975. Niels was born in 1979. _____Claire studied in Sydney, Rotterdam and presently in Amsterdam. Niels presently studies in Den Haag as a senior student _____Claire has been in Holland for just over 2 years. Since then she has worked with numerous orchestras and contemporary ensembles around Europe. She has won several competitions including the Llangollen International Instrumentalist (2001), Tromp Concours ( 2000) and the Vriendenkrans Prize (2000). She has performed concertos with the Melbourne Symphony, the Sydney Symphony, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and will be playing with Brabants Orkest as soloist on December 16th 2001. _____Niels was placed 2nd in the Tromp Concours. He is a founding member of the percussion ensemble "Stok" and performs regularly with Asko Ensemble and the Residentsie Orkest. He is heavily invloved in numerous chamber music projects with musicians throughout Holland including of course the Niels Meliefste and Claire Edwardes percussion duo! _____This is the duos first concert together, in a concert series this year including performances in the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam and the Verdenburg, Utrecht. _____The couple are interested in promoting and performing new percussion music - the three duo pieces on tonights program were composed secifically for the duo. [02/12/2001]

- Ensemble Aros -
_____Aros was formed in 1998 to make music for a dance piece and continued as a band for theatre and film projects. The players come from a mix of classical and Jazz backgrounds, which is reflected in their repertoire of written - mostly original - material as well as improvised forms. Aros performs in concert settings as well as with dance/theatre productions and film. Aros has a cd out on bvHaast that will be presented at the BIM-huis on June 9. [27/04/2001]

- Ensemble Piano Possibile -
_____Ever since its foundation in 1993 the Munich-based ensemble piano possibile has gained a reputation for its innovative ways of presenting new music. One of the main stresses of its activities is put on combining music and dramatic action to bring a broad range of contemporary music closer to the audience.
_____Projects include up to 22 musicians, and the repertoire of the most versatile ensemble includes more than 100 works, about 40 of which were commissioned and premiered by them. The group has worked with an impressive number of young composers - including its artistic directors Carl Christian Bettendorf and Klaus Schedl - as well as with such renowned artists as Vinko Globokar, Hans-Juergen von Bose, Barry Guy, and Wolfgang Rihm.
_____In addition to its own concerts and productions in Munich, the ensemble has been invited to major new music festivals such as the Munich Biennale (most recently for a new production of an opera by the emerging young German composer Joerg Widmann which also toured to Hamburg) and A*Devantgarde and collaborates regularly with the Bavarian Theatre Academy (a.o. on the occasion of the world fair EXPO 2000 in Hanover).
_____In 1997, piano possibile received the annual music award of the City of Munich, followed by the music prize of the Forberg-Schneider Foundation in 1999. [29/09/2002]

- Non Sequitur -
_____Non Sequitur is recognized as one of the most exciting and versatile new music ensembles emerging today. Taking contemporary music as a point of departure, Non Sequitur's performances bring together works from composers such as Boulez, Mingus, Xenakis, and Zappa, and incorporate improvisation, theatre, and popular and non-western music. The group first formed as the Aspen Contemporary Ensemble, in residence at the Aspen Music Festival from 1996 to 1998. Over their five years together, they have given over 100 U.S. and world premieres, including works by Thomas Ad└s and Michael Torke, and have a well-respected reputation for their ability and insight in preparing new works. [31/03/2002]

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